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Planning an event, get together, birthday or other celebration?

Be sure to call Firehouse Cookie Do Company! Don't be ordinary be extraordinary!!

Looking for the perfect addition to your next party? Cookie dough is guaranteed to be a hit with your guests! Firehouse Cookie Do Company makes a variety of concoction from cookie dough cup, shots, bites, cones, and a cookie dough buffet.

From totally custom cookie dough dessert bars to personalized large or single-serve cups with your name, logo, printed right   on the lid to maybe even creating a totally unique custom flavor exclusively for your event or large gift order. Here are some ideas...

Cookie dough dessert tower instead of a cake.

Surprise sweet treat for your out-of-towner.

Rolled cookie dough truffles passed around at cocktail hour or at night's end.

Make your own cookie dough bar with plain cookie dough and tons of mix-ins.

​Literally anything else you can dream up, we will do our best to make it a reality!